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If you have Future of Work in your title: This is your tribe.

Whether you‘re leading the Future of Work transformation in your org, want to bring New Ways of Working to your team, or are just interested…

If you believe we/you need new ways of working, organizing, managing, and leading: This is your tribe!

No matter whether you have „leader“ in your…

Our fast-moving and digital world is building a tsunami of change, continually evolving our “normal”. As a result, adaptability is the new competitive advantage. To become an agile organization, you must reinvent your ways of working and build capabilities suited to this new reality.

Three key arguments underline why we…

The future of work has accelerated faster than previously imaginable. Covid-19 has transformed how we work, and fast-tracked the transition to virtual work, even in the most traditional organizations.

Forward-thinking companies have even taken the opportunity and made remote work a permanent feature of their operating model as an expression…

Marvin Meyer / Unsplash

Executive Summary

Successful digital transformation goes beyond applying technology. It requires:

  • A clear and compelling strategy;
  • Tech-savvy leaders and talent;
  • A digital culture and new ways of working;
  • Peak-performance teams and new organizational designs; and
  • A digital ecosystem that enables your organization to drive innovation.

How can your organization thrive in these…

The value of Design Thinking

Over the past decade, Design Thinking has become the leading innovation methodology, and the increase in its adoption has enabled us to investigate the benefits of Design Thinking for corporate innovation.

According to the Design Value Index created by the Design Management Institute, design-led companies have outperformed the S&P 500…

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